Delivering Your Message With Impact

Business and Trade Events

Business events can take on a life of their own. Some struggle to keep people engaged. Careful staging can help you deliver your message with impact!

There are certain types of information that dictate only the strictest form of recitation. But when your message is motivation, incentive, team effort, or pride - you need to energize the delivery with elements that reinforce that message and fully capture the attention of your audience. Sound, lighting, video, and other technologies are important considerations because they capture the attention of your participants and focus that attention on your subject.

Subtle and Effective
The key to using these elements effectively is to design a program where the sound, lighting, and video enhance your program without actually becoming a sideshow themselves. Additionally, dramatic enhancements should not be overdone to the point where they become a delay, or unnecessarily extend the duration of the program.

Concentrate your efforts on enhancing introductions, transitions, or award presentations where the moment might otherwise appear static. Accentuate personal moments and recognition with a tasteful fanfare and rich ambiance.

Maestro if You Please
Music is the simplest and probably the most effective way to add impact to any presentation. Music instantly conveys a very specific mood or spirit which in turn sets the tone for the action or words which accompany or follow it. Quality sound and timing insures that your message will be heard. An effective system captures the attention of your audience without calling attention to itself with ancillary noise, feedback, or dropouts. Music can bridge gaps and smooth transitions in your program helping to hold the audiences attention and focus. Your presentation will appear to flow seamlessly. Music also reinforces themes and objectives with inspirational rhythms.

Lights! Action!
Lighting is a powerful presentation tool when used effectively. With carefully staged lighting you actually control what the audience will see. Proper lighting minimizes distractions and keeps your audience immersed. An exciting or enhanced presentation also makes a statement to your participants about the value of their attendance and the commitment you've made to deliver something significant. Today's lighting technology provides very versatile lighting schemes with minimal intrusion on the event space and budget. Unique programmable fixtures can provide color, motion, and spotlight effects, exactly where you need them. Your message can literally shine with the use of custom pattern projections including complex color images. Put your logo or slogan into live action at the point of sale.

When you add lighting and other accents to your award ceremonies you convey the impression that "this is a big deal!" It's a great way to thank staff members for a job well done, and truly make then feel like a star. Why not open your annual marketing kick-off with a splash of color and sound to energize your sales force and send home your message of enthusiasm, support, and high expectation?

Video Display and Digital Signage
Video has become an indispensable part of business presentation and training. A picture does indeed say a thousand words, and graphic illustrations help to better engage your audience in the subject matter at hand. It's also the fastest way to get information from your computer screen to the eyes of a larger audience. Whether you're selling, fund raising, or entertaining, the proper placement of video and information displays will put everyone in attendance on the same page. Video is also your key to interactive presentations giving you and your attendees a common point of reference and the opportunity to add a wider variety of program materials in any location. 
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